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Proverbs 17:26

July 17, 2012

It is not good to punish an innocent man,

or to flog officials for their integrity.

—Proverbs 17:26

Life App


Don’t verbally abuse the preacher. Chances are he doesn’t deserve it.

Food for Thought


Yeah, I’m a preacher’s dad now and I act like it. I’ve heard people say things to my son at the back of the auditorium after he’s preached that I’m sure they thought were helpful but were really hurtful and inappropriate. That’s why Zach’s a preacher and I’m not. He shrugs it off and goes on about his business. If I were in his shoes, I’d be arrested for aggravated assault.


For all you preachers out there who have suffered such abuse, thank you. Thank you for putting God first and giving up so much so others can hear the good news and experience transformed lives. If I’ve abused you, please forgive me. I see things from another perspective now. I promise to only support you and help you in your efforts to serve God from this day on.


Next Steps


Find a preacher, pastor, or elder today and give him a hug. Tell them thanks for all they do.

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